Why the Chu’s have a family portrait taken every year.

Why you should have a family portrait taken?

People often tell me that they would never consider having a family portrait taken every year. The Chu’s have a family portrait taken every year.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Cindy organises their family portrait every year.

We got our first family portraits taken around 11 years ago when we had 2 little ones and I was getting ready to send our Christmas cards.

 We have done photos every year since for a few reasons.

  1. The first one is that life goes quickly and I love seeing how our kids (now there are 3) grow and change from year to year.
  2. I love displaying photos in our home and I love sending out a yearly Christmas card with updated photos since I also love receiving them from friends and family.
  3. Since I am most often the one behind the camera at events and on vacation, I am rarely in any photos so this is really nice way of getting photos with me in them and when you use a professional, they somehow always make you look good.


😉  We all loved having Chanon take our photos.  She was efficient, did exactly the ones I asked her to, and made it fun for the kids.  All 3 of my kids said that it was so easy that they were surprised when we said we were all done.  I have never regretted spending the time and money on these yearly family photos!  Often people comment when they are in our home that “they really should do that too.”  And I always say “do it.”  You won’t regret it.

Before another year passes and your children are that little bit bigger and life just gets in the way get in touch to find out how I can create a treasured family portrait for your tribe!


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