Essential Oils & How They Can Help With Your Wedding

Would you like to promote calm and health in the run up to your wedding day, here are some great tips from Jo Hunt who has been using Essential oils to help promote health and well being.

Her top Recommendations for Wedding Essential Oils

Lavender: To help sleep the night before and calm down during the morning. Lavender is amazing for calming.

Grounding Blend (Balance) is a good grounding oil for the morning of the Wedding or when things get a little stressful during the build up.

Lemon: To help wake up and help to feel fresh. Lemon is an energizing oil that supports detox. I suggest adding it to water the morning of as a pick me up. And also consider Wild Orange topically and aromatically for energy and uplift.

Protective Blend beadlets: (On guard) I suggest two of these the night before and the morning to support the immune system. You could also use the oil in a capsule or applied to the feet.

Deep Blue: Can be used on muscle aches and pains also great for headaches.

Woman’s Blend (Whisper): This is a beautiful blend of essential oils, designed as a perfume for women. Among other things, it is known for boosting libido. It is your wedding night, after all!

Digestive Blend (Digest Zen): This was a “just in case” oil. Hopefully you won’t have to use it, but the last thing you want is to be suffering from stomach or intestinal pain throughout the ceremony!

Melaleuca and Frankincense: Amazing for skin. They are the best for reducing the appearance of blemishes that are past their peak.

Bergamot  brings joy and helps calm anxiety. This can be helpful for the groom as well as the bride if he is feeling a little nervous, anxious or stressed on the day.

Cypress  helps with change or moving on.

If you would like to find out more or get a little oil into your life contact: Oils by Jo – or 07770 302504 or

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