Family Photography that you will want to share with all the family this Christmas

Are you considering a family portrait?

Are you wondering what will happen if you children do not behave or do as they are told?

Are you wanting an outdoor shoot and wondering what we will do about the weather?

Are you wishing you looked better or are thinner before you get photos?

Trust me when I say I can fix all of those problems, and create images of you and your family that you will love. My portrait studio is located in central Chelmsford and I have the advantage of the beautiful Oaklands Park and Chelmsford Museum. This is the perfect opportunity to get those natural out door images and let the kids have a run around. Always the perfect opportunity for them to get used to me and me to wear them out a bit!

The images below of the Lacey family are a great example and the very energetic Austin and his furry side kick Pippa.

After a little while the cool air was enough and we headed back to the studio for a little Christmas magic and fun. Why not create that personailsed Christmas card?  It can be serious or it can be as much fun as you like, there is no limitations on your creativity.

After a little more Christmas fun we can then all settle down for a more serious portrait, even Pippa the wonder dog got into the swing of things. This may not be to everyones taste but it is certainly something your parents or grandparents are going to love for Christmas. It is also the sort of family portrait you can frame and put up on the wall for all to enjoy.

So if you are thinking of a family portrait and not sure if you are the portrait type or you would like to give the gift of a portrait to someone then please get in touch to find out more about our sessions or purchase gift vouchers.