5 Great Reasons Why You Need a Professional Headshot

Everyone in business needs to market themselves. A photo of you on your marketing collateral or corporate profile is a great way to introduce yourself. It helps you promote your expertise in a much more personal way than words alone. Personally, I love to see a professional-looking headshot on a business card. It means I have a good chance of remembering you later.

Everyone carries a camera in their pocket (courtesy of their smartphone), and there are probably photos of you everywhere. So why would you need to use a professional photographer? Besides, you’d rather walk bare-foot over hot coals than have a formal photo taken in a studio, am I correct?

I’m a professional corporate portrait photographer based in Chelmsford, Essex. I’ve been taking corporate headshots for people like you for 25 years. So, I understand exactly how you feel! But a few minutes with me in my studio and you will soon learn to relax. I will make you look amazing, show you off in your best light, and create a professional headshot portfolio that you will love.

Not convinced yet? Here are a few more reasons why you should use a professional photographer for your next corporate headshot.

First impressions

The photo on your website or social media profile is often the first time your customers or associates get to see what you look like. This is your first and only opportunity to make a good impression. If that impression is not an accurate reflection of you as a professional, then they may not come back for a second look. This is why holiday snaps or photos taken on an iPhone will not do.

An investment in your personal brand

Just as you invest time, money and effort in your business, so should you invest in your personal business profile. When it comes to promoting your expertise, your image becomes your personal brand. Make sure it’s one you are proud of and happy to share with colleagues and associates at all levels.

Use it everywhere

My services include hi-res digital copies of your portrait that you can reproduce almost anywhere, from your letterhead to your LinkedIn profile. You will get plenty of use from them time and time again. Plus, should you need to send your photo to any media outlets for PR purposes, then the perfect headshot is ready and waiting.

I can make anyone photogenic!

I know how to bring out your best side! Even if you’re feeling a little nervous, or you hate having your photo taken. Before I even get behind the camera we’ll take the time to help you relax. And I will gently coach you into the best pose, best facial expression and your best smile! My professional headshot services also include the option of having your makeup done and hair styled, if you think you’ll need it.

Making you instantly recognisable

A well-composed, well-lit, perfectly staged professional headshot makes you look like you. Far better than a snap from your last beach holiday.


The Portraits page on my website has more information about my corporate headshot services. I’ve also written articles on how to prepare for a corporate headshot and what to expect when you come to my studio. Plus you can read some of the many testimonials I’ve received over the years from delighted clients.

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