About Me

Chanon deValoisI am a photographer and I have been as long as I can remember, as a third generation photographer it is in my blood.

I believe that the family portrait is one of the most important aspects of our childhood, it gives every child that sense of belonging and displaying them on the walls of your home has even been proven to improve a child’s self esteem.

My special talent is I can stop time, some have even said that I have managed to reverse it! I believe that we should all exist in photographs and you deserve to be photographed by a professional photographer. I do not think you should wait until you are thinner, older, happier or richer I believe you are beautiful and perfect right now! Don’t regret not having that photo taken rejoice in the one you had taken.

Celebrate a milestone, an achievement, a birthday, an anniversary or a relationship or just celebrate life. Let me worry about how to make you look good and getting everyone to smile and you can just relax and enjoy the time with the people you love.

I invite you to a personal photo session with me it will change the way you see yourself and how your children see themselves.