How to Prepare for the Perfect Professional Headshot

Your corporate headshot should reflect your professional identity. It’s your personal brand and the most effective way to market yourself, your business and your expertise.

I’m a professional corporate headshot photographer based in Chelmsford, Essex. I have 25 years’ experience working with people like you and I know just how to make you look amazing in your business portrait. But before you arrive at my studio, here are a few tips and things to do that will help you prepare for your sitting.

Allow plenty of time

When you book your corporate headshot session with me we’ll agree how much time you’ll need to allow. It is vital that you arrive on time for your appointment and stay for the whole session. I will make you look amazing, but that job is harder if you’re stressed or constantly checking the time.

Choose your outfit

During our session you’ll be able to change your outfit a few times so that (a) you feel at your most relaxed and (b) it brings out the best in you. Please plan your outfits in advance and consider bringing several items that can be layered and swapped around to create different looks. Well fitted clothing looks best so avoid baggy shirts or dresses. If you have branded corporate clothing, then by all means bring it along. But whatever you decide, your clothes should be clean and pressed. This is your business portrait after all!


Studio lighting can be harsh on skin and hair. So, ladies – wear some concealer or foundation, and gentlemen – have a quick wash before you come into the studio and shave if you are normally clean-shaven (a 5 o’clock shadow is hard to Photoshop out!). For both ladies and gents make sure your hair is freshly washed and if your roots need touching up then please get this done beforehand (again, Photoshop can only do so much). Your hair should look at its natural best. My corporate portrait services do have the option of having your hair and makeup done so please discuss this with me when making your booking.

How do you want to be seen?

Think about how you’d like your business personality to come across in your headshot. This may be a different identity to the one you like to portray in your personal or family life, or maybe the two worlds are blurred? During our session I will work with you to bring out the business persona you want the world to see, whether that is strictly formal, or more relaxed, or fun and friendly. Whatever you decide, your headshot will be a true reflection of you.

Where are you going to use the photos?

Giving some thought to where your headshot is going to be used will help us decide the style of headshot that will work best. For example, if it’s going to be hung on the wall of your office then a formal portrait style is best. But if it’s going to be used mostly on social media then a more relaxed, landscape orientation is better suited to those platforms.

What props will you need?

If there are particular items or props that illustrate your business, then please bring them along. Remember, your headshot is how you are going to market yourself. And if a few props that match your brand and have a story of their own to tell will emphasise the point, then the more the merrier! Examples of props could be a stethoscope for a doctor, a watering can for a gardener, or a paint brush for a decorator. You get the idea? Working with props is not only a lot of fun but gives us plenty of opportunities to get creative!


The Portraits page on my website has more information about my corporate headshot services. I’ve also written articles on why you should have a corporate headshot and what to expect when you come to my studio. Plus you can read some of the many testimonials I’ve received over the years from delighted clients.


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