Susie & Beyond Sound Speech Therapy and Yoga Studio

When you run a small business the list of things to be do seems endless and that is before you even start looking to get your website updated! Often people feel they should do it all themselves and getting a photo for your website is one of those things. Personally, I would never do my taxes on my own so of course I employ the services of a professional accountant.  Whilst you may want to tackle the copy or design of your website yourself I would always recommend you invest in a professional photographer for the best business portrait.


I know many people do not think they need a photograph of themselves on their website, I know how you feel the thought filled me with dread for years but trust me it makes all the difference. Nothing makes your website more personal and appealing to prospective clients than a photo of you and possibly even you at work. Behind the scenes can give people the idea of what they can expect and but also a good business portrait can go a long way to building up likeability and trust with your target market.


I have worked with many small businesses and thoroughly enjoy finding out more about them and the people behind them and the clients they are looking for. When I am asked to photograph for a business I personally have used it is a real treat.


Susie of Beyond Sound Yoga and Speech therapy is a wonderful Yoga teacher that I have attended many classes and workshops with over the last 8 years. Susie wanted to create a new website that reflected her new home studio for her yoga and speech therapy so it was a real pleasure to be asked back to photograph for Susie a second time.


If you would like to check out Susie’s website or work than you can find her here. This is a little of what Susie has said about her experience with working with me.

‘I needed some photos for my updated website and I was worried about finding someone who would understand exactly what I wanted to portray. Worry turned to confidence when I was able to book Chanon to take the photos.  She took the last photos for my first website and I was so thrilled with them that I was relieved and happy when she was available. She nails it.  She listens to my ideas, comes up with her own ideas and is incredibly patient.  She also found a way to make me so relaxed in front of the camera that I didn’t look like a rabbit in the headlights. My website looks fantastic. I am so pleased with the quality and ‘vibe’ that the photos give off.  They perfectly reflect what I wanted them too.   Job well done – for the second time!’ Susie


Here is a few of my favourites from the shoot with Susie, showing what a warm and friendly person, she is and her wonderful studio space. If you are looking to update your website and really want images that show the best side of you then get in touch I would love to hear more about you and your business.

Susie Bishop, Beyond Sound Yoga, Speech therapistSusie Bishop, Beyond Sound Yoga, Speech therapistSusie Bishop, Beyond Sound Yoga, Speech therapistSusie Bishop, Beyond Sound Yoga, Speech therapist