The A to Z of wedding photography

For the first blog post of 2019 I thought I would have a little fun and offer you my version of the abc’s wedding photography. Some of it is a little advice for the bride planning her wedding and some is just tongue and cheek but why not have a read and let me know what you think and what your abc’s would be!


A – aisle, that walk up the aisle, take it slow and enjoy it so many people march up it and I am not a sports photographer if you want me to capture it, walk slow look up and enjoy it!

B – bad weather, people spend so much time worrying about it but actually the only weather I cannot work with is gale force winds

C – ceremony, it will be over quicker than you think so enjoy it

D – Décor – this can really make the photos but can be simple and elegant or as colourful as your personality

E – extra time, give yourself and us plenty of time to create those beautiful photos you want, rushing it only makes a camera-shy person more nervous

F – Fun we like to have a lot of fun when we are capturing your wedding, making the day even more special

G – Groups, many say they do not want them but I always get a long list of them, they take up a lot of your reception drinks time so my advice is to keep them to a maximum of 8 or make your reception drinks longer than 90 min

H – Happy people do not need to be told to smile, we never tell you to smile!

I – Images we want to create the most beautiful images of you that you have ever seen

J – Joy, we hope that you have a lot of this on your wedding day and being married

K – Keepsakes your photos are the first family keepsakes that the two of you will have as your own family

L – light this s the most important part of wedding photography, we either need to find it, use it or create it to make the real magic

M- music, get the right music with either the right band or DJ and you will have a packed dance floor. I cannot get those great dancing shots without it!

N – Nervous, we all get a nervous before the walk down the aisle or giving a speech so give yourself a break and let us take some photos and take your mind off it

O – outfits, you planned and organised all the dresses and suits so why not let me pose you so that I can really make the most of those outfit

P – photographer, that’s me obviously!

Q- Questions, make sure you ask lots of them, there is no such thing as a silly question!!!

R – Reception – this will be dominated by the caterers with your wedding breakfast but make sure you leave time for some fun

S – Silhouette – I love if I can to get an amazing silhouette photo

T – Thank you cards, we can create an amazing thank you card for you using your photos

U – Unforgettable, your day will be but the photos we take will help you remember all the details that will fade with time

V – Veil – if you are on the fence about getting one then let me tell you, yes definitely!

W – wedding planning, I am happy to help with any questions you may have with any part of it not just the photography!

X – Xtra we always like to give you a little xtra

Y –You your wedding day is about the two of you, make sure you don’t get caught up on pleasing others

Z – zoom, your whole day will zoom past so make sure you take time to just enjoy it!