Tips for Camera Shy Couples

For many the wedding photography is the first time they have had an occasion to hire a professional photographer, and like me you probably are not a fan of having your photo taken, for many years I actually hid behind the camera permanently so I totally get it! Perhaps you think because of this or the way you think that you will be portrayed in these photographs it is not worth investing in an experienced professional photographer, but that is exactly why you should. Let me explain…


  • After you have gone through and shortlisted your choice of photographers down to your top 3 I would suggest in person meetings, this is the best chance to see if you can actually spend a whole day with them. If they make you feel relaxed and comfortable right off the bat then chances are good they will do so on the day too. Being comfortable with someone can make a huge difference when it comes to photography, and if you actually genuinely like them then even better. My favourite photographs of the weddings I have captured have all been at weddings where the couple and I got on like a house on fire, we had fun and it is reflected in the photos! Look at the photos the photographers show you are the couples looking relaxed and happy? Or are they stuffy and posed?

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  • Book an engagement shoot, this is a great way to find out if you can work with your photographer and it will give you a great practice run on what to expect. I give my top posing tips to flatter your figures and once you get those down it is so much easier to just relax and have fun. It can also be a great chance to have some great photo practice without the audience of your guests.

  • Don’t be lured away with this idea that you want the whole day captured photo journalistically, it may seem like the best way to get out of posing and looking awkward but when you think about it does any celebrity look good when they are caught unaware? No! Posing does not have to be rigid or stiff it can be fluid and most importantly fun! I also find it is the interaction with each other or the photographer that makes you forget about the camera and get the great shot.

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  • Plan your time in for your portraits, by planning this time in it means you have time set aside to get some photographs taken of just the two of you without all the guests watching you. Taking direction from your photographer can be a good thing as they can see what is being created and know what works in photos. No good photographer wants to take a bad photo of you trust me we want to make sure we make you look good!

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  • A good photographer can take a nice image at any wedding a GREAT photographer can take amazing photographs and make sure it is quick and fun too.

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  • Have fun! Remember it is your wedding day and you have been planning this for months or maybe even years, have fun with it.

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