Top 3 Reasons why you need to have an engagement photoshoot

First let’s look at what is an engagement or pre-wedding photo shoot?

It is a session usually no more than 90 minutes at a location of your choosing where you can have a little fun and be photographed as a couple professional for probably the first time.

We would have a chat prior to the shoot about the sort of feel and look you would like for the shoot. Options can include but are not limited to Urban city shoots, Country parks, Seaside or Night time city lights. Some people have very casual jeans while others like to dress up and have hair and make-up done.

Some couples like to include their pets, dogs are especially great for adding a fun dynamic to the photos.


Why you need to have an engagement photoshoot?


  1. It is a great chance for you to get to know how I will or your photographer will work with you on the day.


I also give couples top tips for posing that is fun, easy and flattering on the day. I use this time to explain why I will ask you to do things so that when I ask you on the day you know exactly why I am asking.

This is also a chance for me to get to know you, and how you interact as a couple. Will you need a lot of prompting and a nervous wreck in front of the camera or cool a can be. All these things will make my job easier on your wedding day but also you will feel much more confidant and relaxed in front of the camera on the day.


  1. You will get some great professional photographs that you can use for the wedding.


I have had couples use their engagement shoot to create a custom guest book for their wedding day or a signing frame. Some have used the images for a save the date, or wedding day program the list is endless. Using your engagement photos creates a truly unique and personal feel to your wedding.

Shorne Country Park engagement shoot


  1. You get to try different things and be centre stage without all of your loved ones watching.


If you have some ideas of things you want to try for the photographs then trying them on the engagement shoot is really the best place to try them, when you have not got the time pressures or all your guests watching.

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If you are considering an engagement shoot then get in touch to find out more. A session is £195 if booked with your wedding photography and comes with a £100 print credit towards prints or products.

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